Dolomitic Water

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Natural Beauty made in Italy

Dolomitic water – source of beauty

NATURAL INGREDIENTS, QUALITY AND ETHICS APPLIED TO PRODUCTION SYSTEMS: THESE ARE THE BASIS OF OUR EVERYDAY WORK. The application of the latest scientific discoveries is closely linked to the deep knowledge of nature’s healing properties and the originality of our formulations is never separated from the attention for people’s wellbeing and health, environment and natural resources preservation.

Dolomitic Water products are dermatologically tested, compatible with all types of skin and are made of raw materials of proven efficacy, certified as NATURAL OR from NATURAL SOURCE. They are completely free from synthetic dyes and are packaged so as to ensure their perfect preservation and to minimize the use of preservatives. The very delicate fragrance, when present, is the same for the whole line. No animal testing, no parabens, vaseline oil, paraffin and other petrochemicals, phenoxyethanol, formaldehyde donors, isothiazolinone compounds, EDTA, BHA and BHT, nickel and heavy metals, gluten

ENCOMPASSING WELLNESS. Selected with care, the Dolomitic Water professionals receive appropriate training on the features of each product, their application methods and the specially developed wellness rituals. They are then able to advise at any moment the most appropriate and effective treatment, customizing it to the needs and requirements of each customer.

Dolomitic Water cosmetic line is dedicated to the most sophisticated hotels and resorts, beauty salons and spas. Our product line has been chosen among others by: Leading Hotel Palazzo e Villa Aminta, Stresa, Villa Crespi Relais & Chateaux, Lago d'Orta, Laqua Charme & Boutique, Sorrento, Grand Hotel Savoia, Cortina d'Ampezzo, Bergman Mountain Hotel, Cervinia, Excelsior Palace Hotel, Rapallo, Tevini Dolomites Charming Hotel, Val di Sole, Turin Palace Hotel, Turin and Dolomitic Water Wellness Corner, Turin. Here guests have the opportunity to experience unique sensory experiences, regain vitality and energy, balance and harmony, in a couple of words their well-being.

AWARDS. Dolomitic Water was awarded the 2015 Esthetiaward prize for "effectively combining the use of natural products with innovation."

THE FACE LINE: Water, Porphyry and precious Vitamins. A complete range, suitable for all skin types with particular regard to the more mature ones. Vitamins are constant and precious elements, in particular vitamin E, which induces skin hydration, and vitamin C, protecting the skin from damages caused by free radicals, cell-oxidation and collagen degeneration.

Every product contains specific natural active ingredients: among others, hyaluronic acid and coenzyme Q10 in the energising face cream, echinacea extract in the night cream, ruscus extract in the eye contour cream, or GABA in the Instant Effect serum. Edelweiss plant stem cells are contained in the serum and the Supreme repairing peel-off mask. While the bio-cellulose mask contains stem cells from an ancient mountain apple. The result is a more hydrated and nourished skin, with a brighter and more uniform appearance.

One of the leading products is the Antioxidant Activating Serum, based on the association of antioxidants and anti ROS (Reactive Oxygen Species). The special derivative of Vitamin C, stable in time and present in high concentration (10%), in synergy with other antioxidants makes it an effective lifting treatment, equally active against wrinkles, blemishes, pigmentation spots and acne marks, and specifically suitable for vulnerable skins, exposed to ageing and photo-ageing.

THE BODY LINE: Water, Vitamins and Salts. In body treatments, the Dolomitic water combines with vitamins and proven and effective natural active ingredients - such as hops, ivy, caffeine, vitamines - in stimulating the activity of connective tissue cellular components in order to obtain skin softening, moisturizing, firming and regenerating effects.

The body range is completed by a dedicated line of Salts. Minerals and trace elements, found in nature in the form of dissolved salts in thermal waters used for thousands of years to heal and detoxify. With Dolomitic Water, natural salts and trace elements are transformed into valuable concentrates through careful blending techniques, that, when dissolved again in the water, reproduce the benefits of thermal waters, and even they improve their characteristics. Each blend is specifically designed to assist the normal physiological functions and restore the body's general well-being.