EuropeSpa Certification


LAV Solutions cooperates with EuropeSpa, the International quality system accredited by the European Spa Association (ESPA).

Developed in conjunction with an independent committee of experts and based on more than 30 national and international laws and regulations, the EuropeSpa certifications are the first certification system providing transparency and quality across borders.

EuropeSpa certifications

  • Consider all aspects of service, security, hygiene and infrastructure
  • Are based on controls and audits carried out by independent and professional experts
  • Are only granted if providers meet at least 80% of all the criteria as well as certain basic requirements
  • Are no mere marketing seals
  • Offers a real quality statement for consumers, travel agencies, tour operators as well as health insurances
  • Are available in two different versions:
  • EuropeSpa med for medical spas including the additional certificate “mother-and-child-cures”
  • EuropeSpa wellness for wellness hotels, hotel spas, thermal spas and day spas

Why being certified?

EuropeSpa certifications give certified providers a competitive advantage in the fiercely competitive market for medical spa and wellness:

  • A EuropeSpa certificate facilitates the booking decision. Given a similar price level, guests will always choose the provider offering provable quality. A proof which EuropeSpa can deliver.
  • Tour operators often request an international proof of quality, which can be delivered by EuropeSpa.
  • Health insurances get guidance concerning the quality level of providers abroad. EuropeSpa provides this guidance.