Travels, encounter, ideas

Travels, encounters, ideas

“Our way of interpreting life in an original way is represented through Lavit Collection: a selection of places, objects, fragrances and suggestions guided by a contemporary sensibility which finds its origins in far-away worlds and experiences. A careful, sophisticated search.”

LaVitCollection.com features contemporary Italian lifestyle at its best. It is addressed to a discerning clientele looking for for top quality, exclusive design and hand-made productions.

It showcases a selection of shopping experiences and stays at charming and exclusive properties and top-quality golf resorts, each of them representing an example of the “Made in Italy” excellence, be this service or design, creativity or style, or all of these at the same time.

By presenting a variety of offerings and dealing with different topics, the platform becomes an efficient cross-purchase tool, attracting a diversified clientele.

The platform allows to profile clients, both acquired and potential, and target promotions based on their socio-economic profile. The result is an effective one-to-one communication strategy, which identifies the involvement of potential and acquired customers in social environments and proposes contents consistent with their specific interests.

Cross visibility is a natural evidence for all partners of the LaVit Collection universe, which is articulated in specific categories: Tourism and Wellness, Golf, Art, High Quality Shopping, Interior Design, and Lifestyle.